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Learn Yoga with Leena Joynat

Learn authentic forms of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises with certified yoga professional, Leena Joynat.

yoga for all

Yoga For All

Gentle yoga sessions which gives you a chance to learn holistic ways of mastering asanas to be able to do it effectively by yourself with practice. Yogic techniques learnt in these classes will help you develop flexibility, core and strength. These classes are highly effective for those who are new to yoga.


Vinyasa Flow

A vinyasa flow is a unique blend of asanas that counter-pose each other, to give you a full-body work-out. This practice can promote awareness, balance, stamina, and strength. Each session is unique and different, so you can learn something new with each class. These classes are designed for intermediate and advance yoga practitioners. 


advanced yoga

Advanced Yoga

Advanced yoga classes are for those who are already practicing different forms of yoga. In these classes, asanas and stretches are delicate mix of complexities which eventually allow you to deepen your stretches and improve flexibility in the body. For those looking to learn more advanced asanas that require a certain level of strength and flexibility.


yoga for seniors

Yoga For Seniors

Exclusively designed classes for people over 60 years of age, to introduce mobilization back to the body through a gentle yoga session with postures aimed at stretching and relaxing. As we age, so does the capacity of the body to regenerate itself. It requires little longer duration to gain desired results.


Yoga For Kids & Teens

A special program, designed exclusively for kids and teenager who are either brimming with energy, or feeling the total opposite: tension, stress, and anxiety from everyday life. These classes will engage the physical body, as well as settle the mind. It will also provide effective tools to handle one’s own emotions and channelize their energy to bring out creativity, confidence, focus and enthusiasm in them to be better citizens of the world.


leena joynat

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a form of holistic healing therapy where specific yogic tools like asanas, breathing techniques and meditations are used to address individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs. From specific ailment to overall wellness, yoga therapy is a safe way of working with natural capacity of your body and mind.


Pricing and Subscription plans

5 Classes a Week

Save £30
£200 £170
  • 1 Hour class
  • Group classes
  • 20 Classes a month
  • Pre-selected classes

3 Classes a Week

Save £20
£120 £100
  • 1 Hour class
  • Group classes
  • 12 Classes a month
  • Pre-selected classes

2 Classes a Week

Save £10
£80 £70
  • 1 Hour class
  • Group classes
  • 8 Classes a month
  • Pre-selected classes

Drop-in classes @ £27 (save £3) for 3 Classes!

Drop-in anytime, for any class and pay per class. No pre-requisits.

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