Balancing the equations of Mind, Body and Soul.

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Authentic forms of Yoga, Pranayams and Breathing Techniques for every age group.

Yoga Classes Offered by Leena

Learn authentic forms of yoga, breathing techniques, pranayams and guided meditations

yoga for all

Yoga for All

Gentle sessions with fundamentals of yoga which include effective breathing techniques, stretches, pranayams and sun salutation.

Vinyaasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow include a creative blend of asanas, that counterpose each other, to give you a full-body work-out.

advance yoga 2

Advanced Yoga

Advanced yoga is designed with techniques of deeper, higher level, as well as more advanced breathing techniques.

yoga for seniors

Yoga For Seniors

Delicately designed classes exclusively for senior citizens to enhance mobility through gentle yoga postures aimed at stretching and better relaxation.

yoga for children and teens

Yoga for Kids & Teens

Exclusively designed classes for children and teens which will engage the physical body, as well as settle the mind with core drills and balancing postures

yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy

A delicate art of healing where specific yogic tools like asanas, breathing techniques and meditations are used to address individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

Leena Joynat

Leena Joynat is an internationally acclaimed Yoga trainer with 350 hours yoga and 300 hours Advanced Yoga certifications. From balancing equations as a chemistry teacher in her past, to balancing the equations of mind, body and soul as a professional yoga trainer, yoga classes with Leena is popularly known for authentic forms of yoga, breathing exercises, pranayams and meditations which are guided in a holistic way to help her clients experience deep state of rest, learn yoga in true sense and experience ultimate bliss from within.

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Learn authentic forms of yoga, pranayam and breathing exercises to reach optimal health!


Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body.

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